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One Hand


One Hand is a silent film that tells the stories of four troubled souls, all who are considering suicide. Currently in post-production.

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Man Wanted



Although Beth Lincoln is an A-List superstar, she is still finding it difficult to meet the perfect man. Making her life even more taxing is her sex-starved assistant, Helen.

Written and Produced by Natasha Niemi, the film stars Tiffany Kyle, Jan Bush, Kayin Malik, Peter Swason, Richie Johnson, and Avery Hughes.

Man WantedTrailer 




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Les Fleurs


Written and produced by Natasha Niemi. Les Fleurs stars an exceptional cast including Chandler Wood, Kevin Robinson, Jr., Tracy Tolliver, Elizabeth Hale, Catie Heeter, Richard Lanford, and Jeremy Carr.

Story Concept: Can the gift of a flower change someone’s life?

Find out when you buy a copy of Les Fleurs

Les Fleurs Trailer

All profits go to the Lizzie Newman Brown Scholarship Fund

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Perceptions the Movie

PERCEPTIONS web version-2

Written by Natasha Niemi and directed by Bobby and Renee Peoples, Perceptions stars Royce Henry, Brittney Level, and Kevin Robinson, Jr..

Story Concept: What can a homeless man possibly teach an uptight young woman who thinks she knows everything?

Find out when you buy a copy of Perceptions.

All profits are being donated to the Lizzie Newman Brown Scholarship Fund.

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